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Creating a Bereavement Box (Memory Boxes)

When a loved one dies, there are memories to be kept. Creating a bereavement box, also known as a memory box, is one way you can secure tangible items left behind by your loved one. The purpose of the box is to gather personal items that held special memories for you and the person they belonged to. Your bereavement box can be as decorative or as simple as you like. It can be a shoe box or a plastic bin, keeping in mind that it is something to be shared and filled, so be sure it’s sturdy.
Deciding what to keep is often not so easy. I wanted to keep everything my mom left behind, but there was no way to do that without building an addition onto my house. So, I decided to keep a few things that had sentimental value. For me, it was small things like a pair of birthstone earrings that she bought a week after my birth, a Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament purchased on a family vacation the year before her passing, a hope beanie baby that I gave her when she was first diagnosed with cancer, pictures and other keepsakes.
My mom passed 14 years ago, and to this day the items in my memory box still bring a smile to my face and warm my heart whenever I see them. Some items you can place in bereavement boxes include:
• Journals
• Photos
• Letters, poems
• Jewelry
• Stuffed animals
• Birthday cards from your loved one
• Special awards or certificates
• News articles that feature the deceased
• Favorite book
• Favorite t-­-shirt
• Wedding bands
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