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Creating Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list has never been at the top of my to-do list, but as I have gotten older,
I realized there were tons of things I had never experienced or conquered. Thinking about this list left me feeling like I missed out on some experiences life has to offer. So, I decided it was time I create my bucket list!
Start by charting your course in life. Having specific goals written down will help you stay focused. What people don’t realize is that a bucket list does not need to include a difficult task, such as bungee jumping or zip lining, but something that makes you want to learn or explore more about a particular interest. \
A bucket list is essentially like a to-do list, without time restraints. Some things to add to your bucket list could be as simple as participating in a hot dog eating contest. Aside from stomach pains, there may be no real reward, but the experience alone would leave a lasting memory and a fun time.
Other bucket list to-dos may include:
•  Reading the dictionary from front to back (build your own vocabulary)
•  Bird watching (learn your local species and common nesting habits)
•  Crochet/Knit (create your own look or great gifts)
•  Create a YouTube video (cover what matters to you most)
•  Learn how to line do a line dance (an opportunity to get active)
•  Learn how to play an instrument (make your own music or play your favorite songs)
•  Write and publish a book (get creative and tell a story)
•  Learn a foreign language or sign language
•  Build something you can utilize (table/bench/birdhouse)
•  Reupholster a chair
•  Learn to meditate (meet your inner Zen)
In conclusion, your bucket list should be specific to things that interest you, while never giving yourself limits. Your list is nothing more than words on a piece of paper until you take steps towards achieving them. The idea of a bucket list is self-fulfillment, and should fun and full of feats that will bring you joy after each is completed. I have a few online links to help you get started:  or (search: How to Knit/How to Crochet)