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Get Moving: A Workout for Wherever

Finding time to work out is probably the biggest deterrent for most people. Some people are not morning people, and some are just too tired at the end of the day to stop by the gym. During these sunny days and extended daylight hours, getting in a few minutes here or there is absolutely doable. And guess what? You don’t need a trainer. You just need a little motivation and these simple exercises to get you started.
Heading to the pool? A quick little exercise you can do to work those abs is as simple as supporting yourself by the pool’s edge and crunching your legs toward your chest. Pull up and extend your legs down. Do as many repetitions as you can. Rest in between and start over.
Take the first step, then a few more. One easy exercise is taking the steps. You can boost that stamina by taking two to three steps at a time if you can. Walking up a hill? Stretch those legs in front of you and go!
Knee pain? Many of us have that, but there is a way to exercise in reverse. If you are out on a stroll, stop and take a few steps backwards to take the pressure off of your knees. You will be surprised how it makes you feel. Plus, this little trick also builds quad triceps while putting less stress on your joints.
Walking in a metro park? Use some of the installations as a weight bearing, weight-training source. For instance, work your back, shoulders and arms by doing a few light push-ups against a park bench. Lean forward, and lean in, or face forward and squat down using your arms to do backwards push-ups and work those triceps. Many parks now have built-in workout support systems on the grounds. Check them out!
The beach is your buddy. Take a morning stroll and hit a nice stride. You are sure to pass many like-minded people, plus using the sand provides a cushion for your feet and joints. It is a great place to do lunges, jumps and stretches.
Wherever, whenever…get moving for your health!