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Healthy Vision

Have you ever tried looking at the back of your bank card or credit card to get
the phone number for customer service and no matter how many different ways
you hold the card you’re still unable to make out the phone number? Well you
are not alone. This happens to all of us as we age.
If you’ve lived 50 or more years without glasses, it’s probably time you give your
vision health as much attention as your heart health. If you wear glasses, make
sure your prescription is accurate. Anyone 65 or older should have an ocular
examination performed by an ophthalmologist every one or two years at
minimum. More frequent exams are warranted for anyone with a high risk of
developing eye disease. These risk factors may be based only on ocular history,
but also upon medical history, such as diabetes or family history of diabetes.
While seniors expect general attrition in their eye sight, it’s not uncommon for
ophthalmologist to see patients in their 90’s who have excellent vision in both
eyes. Minor vision changes are normal and often don’t pose significant risk for
the vision and can easily be overcome. Some seniors may experience dimness of
vision and require more light because their pupils do not dilate at dark or
because of a progressive cataract or other problems as simple as presbyopia,
which is blurred near vision while reading, sewing or working on a computer.
It’s important that seniors and their caregivers understand that proper eye care
is a significant component of their overall health care. Many patients come to
the office and have poor or no vision in one eye and are unaware of it until the
other eye is covered for the eye exam and the deficit is suddenly revealed.
Seniors may take slow onset of decreased vision for granted and learn to
accommodate for it. This is commonly seen with cataracts that act as variant
degrees of darker sunglasses in some cases. This problem can temporarily be
overcome with bright lighting, and the individual gets used to always being
somewhat in partial darkness. You don’t want to miss out on the simple things in
life, so make sure to get your eyes checked on a regular basis.