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Our Chef’s Share Their Favorite Recipes

At The Wesley Communities, our residents, staff and family members typically come together over a meal. This time spent together allows everyone to slow down from a busy day. It is a time when people can focus on relationship building, not health concerns or other details of daily life. At the table, friends are made and conversations flourish.
Our communities take pride in serving nourishing meals to our residents and staff during meal time. It’s important to ensure that we all remain as healthy as possible. Here are a few of the foods that we love enjoying together:
Chef Glen’s Turkey Chili
Chef Glen works at Wesley Ridge Retirement Community. He loves serving this Turkey Chili. It’s great comfort food for those cold rainy days!
Chef Kevin’s Mediterranean Salmon
Chef Kevin has served this dish to many people and ‘they all love it,’ he explains. The flavors a great way to switch up your typical dinner menu.
Chef James’s Farro Salad
This salad is the perfect side dish or afternoon snack. It is packed full of nutrients for guilt free enjoyment. Not to mention, it will keep you full longer.
And remember, all of these meals taste better when you are surrounded by those who mean the most to you. So, take a step back from your busy day every once in a while to have a meal with you mom, dad, co-worker or best friend. We bet you’ll enjoy your meal, learn new things, and feel refreshed afterward.
What is your favorite meal to eat with your family?