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Social Media 101: What is a blog?

By now, many of you have more than likely dabbled with social media or used Google, Yahoo or another search engine to research, communicate or utilize information for your personal or professional use. Many of you also use social media to interact with friends, family, grandkids and organizations. By doing that, you may also have encountered words and names that you may have questions about. Let’s start with the term “blog.”
So, what is a blog? Simply put, a blog is a frequently updated online personal journal and a place for someone to express or share thoughts, information or passions. If you have ever written a personal diary or journal, this is the same thing, except you invite everyone to read your thoughts and respond. Did you know that Huffington Post is a journalism blog that is populated by professional journalists? Initially, individuals used blogs to track progress during a weight loss program, by being a new parent or by sharing their experience through a long-term illness. Today, blogs cover such topics as politics, best travel places or inspiring others to pay it forward.
The Wesley Communities are no different. In an effort to communicate with its senior residents and families, and caregivers of those residents, Wesley Glen and Wesley Ridge Retirement communities have launched several blogs to engage, gather feedback and share information that ranges from health topics to tax planning to hospice preparation for families. The blogs are in chronological order, so as a reader, you can go back and look up numerous topics.
Wesley Glen and Wesley Ridge would love to have your feedback and encourage you to share YOUR experiences and thoughts with us based on what you have read and want to share with other residents. To search our vast blog library and provide us with topics that you deem interesting and important, we invite you to visit , or and click on the news and events tab, or on the home page, click on the word blog. We are always updating with news you can use!