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Calm Your Mind Through Meditation

At a recent visit to my endocrinologist, I was asked if I was doing okay. I responded, “I am doing fine, just stressed.”  The doctor asked if I meditated.  My response was, “I’ve never tried it and I’m not sure how to do it.”  She explained that meditation is deceptively simple, and how people approach it is what makes it appear challenging.  She stated that learning to meditate properly can be difficult.  A few tips will help you avoid pitfalls and save you some time.
As with anything, we want to excel, and it takes dedicated practice to achieve success with the basics.  With meditation, the basics can take you far, so spending time mastering these basics can be a great help in achieving the full benefits of meditation.  Meditation is said to alleviate stress, helps your breathing and creates balance in your thoughts.  It can also help you overcome negativity and gain inner peace.  To get started, let’s examine the basics.
This is how to begin:

  1. Find a quiet place to meditate.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position, with a cross-legged posture.  Be sure to sit with your back straight. Posture is important for your breathing.
  3. Partially close your eyes and think about your breathing.  Breathe through your nostrils naturally, and feel the breath as you breathe in and out.  Your distracting thoughts will gradually fade away. This part of meditation takes time.
  4. Take time for yourself every day and spend at least ten to fifteen minutes meditating.

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention in one area, and is an absolutely wonderful practice.  The most important thing to remember about meditation is that it should be done daily, and though you may not experience results right away, it’s important to continue to take time each day to perfect the basics of meditation to help you find your inner peace.