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Fresh Options that Hydrate

Summer has officially arrived, and boy, has it been hot! I sat out by my pool in my condominium complex this weekend and simply could not digest enough liquids. With the heat and humidity, it is very important to get in those recommended eight glasses of water a day. This is especially true during this time of year when we tend to be out and about more, attending events, like art festivals, farmer’s markets or just going for a walk in our local metro park.
One thing people tend to forget is the amount of heat contained in cement. Sidewalks, paths and roadways become heat conductors, radiating heat upwards and through the soles of our shoes. If you ever wondered why you feel especially drained or thirsty after walking around a festival or on a 5K, that would be the reason.
I am a water lover. I drink it all day long. I actually pour a 32 oz. cup in the morning and drink it while I am getting ready for work, summer or winter. My mother, on the other hand, prefers to pour her eight 8 oz. glasses of water throughout the day. She wills herself to drink one roughly every hour until she is done. And she drinks them straight down. “I don’t like drinking water,” she said.
If you are like her, you may want to seek out alternatives from drinking water to eating it instead. Yes, you heard me. You can eat water. There are loads of fresh fruits and veggies readily available during the summer and they are packed with nutrients and….water. Double whammy!
Here is a list of the top choices and their water equivalents:

  • Watermelon – ah, one of my favorites. One tasty wedge serves up 10 ounces of water. Yes, please!
  • Like peaches? And yes, I am talking about a fresh peach. These little gems have 5 ounces. Let the juice flow.
  • Just one cup of these sliced little red berries also serves up 5 ounces of hydration.
  • How about those vegetables? Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and corn on the cob—so good for you and best picked fresh—have four and three ounces, respectively. Water done right the easy and healthy way. Sign me up!

Speaking of corn on the cob, don’t shuck and run. Keeping corn in their little husks also keep the nutrients IN. Think about that the next time you are grilling, steaming or microwaving. Do it after.
Hmmm….now, what’s for dinner?